Services: Wheel & Tire Package

Driving enthusiasts in Atlanta trust Bavarian Motorsports for wheel and tire packages up to 30 inch. Example: Your car is equipped with an 18″ diameter wheel. You have decided that a 22″ wheel and tire combination will set your car apart from the rest of the crowd. This is an example of a “plus 4″ application.

Done properly, there is no affect on your vehicle’s speedometer, odometer, ABS brake system, or gearing because the diameter of your new 22″ tire is still the same as the diameter of the original 18” tire. This is accomplished by using a lower profile tire in conjunction with the larger diameter wheel, which not only looks great, but improves performance due to a shorter sidewall providing less flex during cornering.

At Bavarian Motorsports we consider all the factors involved – from ride quality and proper fitment to wheel finish, design, and your own personal driving needs.

Bavarian Motorsports Tires and Wheel packages are designed to meet or exceed manufacturer load limits and specifications.

Check out our Gallery and our Products pages for options and hundreds of Wheel and Tire examples.